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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Match.com = online bar scene

On a whim last week, I signed up for Match.com.
I've learned in a week's time that Match.com is a lot like an online bar. The men are just as shallow in this meat market, looking for the leanest piece of meat when they could have the juiciest, smartest, most fascinating, best-dressed cut.
I set up my profile, picked out my cutest pics, even posting a body shot so the guys could see my full-figured goodness. Choosing my body type for my profile was difficult. One man's curvy is another man's big and beautiful is another man's above average is another man's a few extra pounds...I finally settled on full figured.
I've spent hours surfing the men's profiles. Being close to Charlotte, there are so many men you can tell are part of that pretentious, trendy uptown bar scene. Click, back to search.
Then there are the guys who take a photo of themselves wearing no shirt in their bathroom mirror. Of course, I HAVE to click on the profile to get a closer look at those six-pack abs (I'm still only human), but then I've given the guy the satisfaction of looking, as Match tells you who checks you out. Shirt off at the beach or lake is fine, but in your bathroom? Come on, dude, I know what you're about - yourself. Click.
Guys wearing sunglasses in ALL of their profile photos. Click, next profile, please.
Guys wearing a ball cap and wife beater in their main photo? Click.
Screen names like "Sweetestkisses" or "yurnin4u"? Can we have a little less cheese, please? My inner monologue runs wild during a search.
But who am I to complain? As of right now, 128 guys have checked me out, me with my black hair, zombie t-shirt, cute specs and "mischievous grin" as one guy wrote me in an email, which is a lot more action than I've gotten since getting divorced two years ago.
And then there he was, the smart, sarcastic guy standing in a dark corner of the online bar...He wrote in his profile that he had been on the site 60 days and had made several observations, including that people on Match are rude, they're shallow, they'll never find what they're looking for and they're the kind of people you don't want as friends.
I couldn't help myself. I sent him an email....What happened next is another post for another day...