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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dating questions for the ages

I've been on two dates with Mr. Match.com.
He is a gentleman. He pays for meals, opens doors (and lets me go through first) and so far, I haven't seen him side eye any pretty girls we encounter in public. We talk and laugh a lot. He looks damn good in jeans.
I was excited about dating again. And then I remembered all the nervewracking stuff that goes with it.
Like, is it different now that I'm 34 and divorced, and he's, well, a little older? Do I still have to ask myself: I had a really nice time on our date last night, can I call him today? Should I just text? Should I wait five days? Wait for him to initiate the post-date contact?
Can't I just be real? I like you. I believe that I've reached the age and maturity that if I like you, I can say I like you and I'm going to at least say hello the next day.
Or not?
Grrrrrrrr......Seems I've forgotten how to play the game I didn't want to play in the first place.
Is it OK to say "I want to see you again" after the date or is it too forward? Do I reach for his hand? Why hasn't he tried to kiss me yet? Does my butt look big in these jeans?
So far, he's answered all my questions in the affirmative. Would you like to meet in person? Yes. Would you like to meet for dinner? Yes. Want to go for a walk downtown? Yes. Lunch and a movie? Yes.
So what am I worried about?
The time when he answers with a big fat NO.


  1. It's odd, isn't it, trying to remember the rules and then wondering if you still really need to bother because you're not 23 anymore and it all just seems so silly. I'm glad you met someone nice and have had a good time, though. :)

  2. I feel very lucky to have gone out with this guy in my first attempt at online dating. The tough thing is knowing where I stand with him. I guess I will find out about that soon enough. Till then, I will keep having fun. :)