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Monday, July 26, 2010

Guys, don't shoplift the pootie

A movie I've watched over and over is "Jerry Maguire."
I've been thinking of that scene during which sports agent Jerry (Tom Cruise) is talking with Rod Tidwell, an arrogant football player but loving family man played by Cuba Gooding Jr.
Rod asks Jerry if Jerry "shoplifted the pootie," meaning, took advantage of a vulnerable single mom.
I should state for the record that my pootie has not been shoplifted, but I think men should be barred from taking advantage of vulnerable divorcees. We wear our hearts on our sleeves, hoping for something better than what we've had. We hope to find a man worthy of our friendship and admiration, our biting wit, our cutting-edge fashion sense and our culinary skills.
We are often disappointed.
We had hoped, as survivors of the great battle known as divorce, that we'd emerge from the fight to find a world in which we had grown beyond the hot and cold treatment, the calling and texting one minute, then dead silence for days. In other words, the games that men play. I say men not to bash them, but it truly seems that men are more likely to toy with our trust than the other way around. Come on, we understand we're just friends, we understand boundaries. We don't have to consume you, but some common courtesy would be nice.
It's been two years since my divorce, but I still haven't given up hope of finding a mature man who won't get a cheap thrill out of shoplifting a woman's heart.


  1. Older man is definitely the way to go - I'm speaking from experience, as you know. :) And, I can't help myself, but this also reminds me of a scene in Sex and the City - don't remember which episode - where they are talking about how soon a guy who's flirting with you should fess up to having a girlfriend, and Samantha says not too soon - "I just asked if this seat was taken. Calm down." It's kind of like that with regards to the boundary thing - I get it, we're just friends, calm down and stop being rude and playing games.

  2. awesome words sis, and I'm the guy on this topic. I'm not a shoplifter so I will say that I have granted permission to comment here. The Last two and a half years of my life were a very trying, and tempting time in my life. Of course you all know that I have my divorce badge too. I spent well over two years as just steve, although I did my share of deep thinking, drinking lol, and learning from my precious choices. Major learning experience on my end of the world and wouldnt trade anything just "from knowing what I know now". I, for a long time, really convinced myself that I was a one of a kind in my thoughts and way of life......Wow..... I'll say! A month or so-plus back, I was amazingly awakened, and proven wrong in my thoughts. YES! there is a person "like me"! And its been wonderful......Katie J. Oh and I will mention that.....yes, I know I'm a guy and all in this, but I will hands down admit that I can, have, and will be wrong on several occasions. Tough admission. :)